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Throughout my 25 years in the pet grooming and dog show exhibiting business, I've seen many cases of unhealthy skin and hair. A natural food diet helps to promotes healthy skin and hair, but I've found it's important to nourish, heal and protect against allergens from the outside too.That's why I developed the Sniff herbal product line. After I combined my pets natural diet with regular use of the Sniff products, my dogs and persian cat's hair have never looked and felt so healthy and shiney. In fact I've gotten compliments on my own hair too. Sniff is the only product in my shower!!!

Cathy-Jo Williams Owner

Cathy's Pet Salon & Spa Sniff Herbal Skin & Hair Nutrients was created for the health and nourishment of our pets' skin and hair. We wanted to create a healing product in addition to being a healthy product. Sniff was tested on willing family and friends, then on our pets.


The Sniff product line is formulated with herbal ingredients to heal & nourish skin & hair. If you would like to place an order, please click on any of the links below and tell us your name, phone number and the products you are interested in.

Herbal Shampoo 8oz $ 9.95

Herbal Conditioner 8 oz $ 12.95

Protein Cologne Mist 4 oz $ 8.25

Detangles, strengthens and adds a healthy sheen with aloe and collagen protein. Use in between baths for a fresh scent with no heavy build-up.

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